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Journal of Academy of Juridical Studies

A Journal aiming at Juristic excellence...

Journal of Academy of Juridical Studies (JAJS)

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A group of committed academicians and professionals in the legal field have established the Academy of Juridical Studies (AJS). It seeks to provide an meaningful platform for reflecting and interacting on  legal and social  issues of significance. The Academy primarily aims at promoting research in legal field. Its particular thrust is on the capacity building of young academicians and professionals engaged in the field of law and other allied disciplines. With an aim to promote academic activity through publication of good quality articles, the Academy made the first modest step of staring a bi-annual journal in the year 2005. It is titled, Journal of Academy of Juridical Studies (JAJS).


About the Journal


Academy Journal of Juridical Studies publishes articles, essays, case comments etc whichever that contribute to academic acumen in the field of law and allied social sciences having significance to legal jurisprudence. The journal is a forum for discussion and reports on developments in the increasingly important field. The aim of the journal is to publish clear, concise papers and reports, research articles ranging from the theoretical to that of applied.  So far the journal was running as hard version (ISSN 2278-456X).  However, taking stock of the new developments the Academy took the decision to transform the journal to be an online journal from 2020 onwards.

Publication of this journal which began as a modest academic activity of the Academy of Juridical Studies rests on honesty as its fundamental pillar. It stands away from the unethical practice of publishing articles on monetary terms. Quality of the article alone is the parameter of publication in JAJS. The journal welcomes contributions in the form of academic articles, technical, research reports, comments, news and views on issues pertaining to legal aspects. Particular thrust is on presentation of contemporary issues.



Editorial Board


Editor in Chief

Prof. T.V. Subba Rao



Prof. V. Rajyalakshmi


Associate Editors

Dr. P. Sree Sudha

Dr. J. Uma Rao



Assistant Editors

Dr. Neelima Bogadhi

Dr. M.  Madhumati

Y.V. Kirankumar


Advisory Board

Prof. R. Venkat Rao 

Prof. Y.R.Haragopala Reddy

Prof. A. Rajendra Prasad

Prof. P. Vijayalakshmi

Prof. R. Anita Rao

Prof. S.Sumitra

Dr. Rashmi Salpekar


Address for Correspondence



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